Annual report archives

Our annual reports provide a comprehensive review of our work and achievements over previous years. Here you can find all our reports from 2001 to the most recent in 2017/18.

Our annual report highlights pathways to change (Photo: Olivier Girard/CIFOR, Creative Commons via Flickr)

IIED Annual Report 2017/18

Our 2017/18 Annual Report looks at how IIED's ways of working help us to deliver lasting impact in a shifting global landscape

The front cover of IIED's 2016/17 annual report (Image: IIED)

IIED Annual Report 2016/17: a focus on impact

IIED's Annual Report for 2016/2017 looks at how the institute helps to support positive change

The 2015/16 Annual Report (Image: Arc/IIED)

IIED Annual Report 2015/16: partnerships in action

IIED's Annual Report for 2015/16 focuses on showcasing the variety of ways the institute works in partnership across the globe

The 36-page print version and online Annual Report highlight IIED's wide range of work to ensure global fairness (Image: IIED/We Are Tangerine)

Annual Report 2014/15: Shaping a fairer future

IIED's Annual Report for 2014/15 looks at what IIED achieved during the year, and how we worked with many partners to promote equitable and sustainable development

The 2013-14 annual report

Annual Report 2013/14: Building bridges for sustainable development

IIED has been building bridges for decades. In place of brick and mortar we use trust, influence and evidence grounded in local context

Annual Report 2012/13: sharing learning for change

Annual Report 2012/13: sharing learning for change

Learning is at the heart of IIED's work: we place value on building our knowledge, creating the space to test out in practice what we have learnt and finding ways to bring people together to share ideas and experiences

Annual Report 2011/12

Annual Report 2011/12: A lifetime of learning

In 2011 IIED turned 40 years old and our 2011/12 Annual Report has been designed to mark the occasion. We are firmly middle aged and it is a testament both to the formidable moral purpose laid down in our infancy and the flexible way of working cultivated ever since that we remain as relevant as we did in 1971

Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2010/11

Our annual report for 2010/11 focuses on our work to secure transparent and effective decision-making

Annual report 2010

Annual report 2009/10

As the world stepped away from financial collapse and recession, we moved onto the threshold of something new

A sense of direction - IIED's 2008/9 annual report

Annual report 2008/09

A sense of direction - IIED's 2008/9 annual report

Annual report 2008

Annual report 2007/08

IIED's Annual Report for 2007/08 presented the role we played to take adaptation to the top of the global climate agenda

Annual report 2007

Annual report 2006/07

Our Annual Report for 2006/07 illustrates the far-reaching work we do to support more sustainable patterns of global development and highlights important achievements over the last year

Annual reports 2001 - 2006

Annual reports 2001-2006

Our annual reports provide a comprehensive review of work and achievements over previous years.