David and Goliath? Global forces vs. local interests

For more than 40 years IIED has worked with partners worldwide to resolve tensions between local needs and global pressures, so I was delighted to accept an invitation from WWF-US to talk about these issues.

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18 December 2013

They invited me to speak at their Fuller Symposium. This annual meeting convenes thought leaders in science, policy, business, conservation and development to tackle emerging issues facing our planet and advance science-based approaches to protect the future of nature, while recognising the central role played by local people and the knowledge they hold.

The 2013 Symposium took place in November in Washington DC. It explored how local and indigenous communities can be at the centre of managing their own natural resources and generating prosperity for their families — and in turn become a global force for conservation.

I had the honour of speaking first. Here's what I had to say.


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