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  • Artisanal and small-scale miners at work at Geita gold mine, in Tanzania. Miners were interviewed about their experiences and thoughts about what needs to change (Photo: Brian Sokol/Panos Pictures)

    Campaigns: activities framed by a strategy to support project aims

    We developed a communications strategy that was designed to let the voices of artisanal and small-scale miners be heard in discussions about inclusive and sustainable mining

    23 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • The participants of the 2015 Communications Learning Week (Photo: IIED)

    Knowledge exchange: collaborative learning about communications

    Communications Learning Week: communications specialists come together to discuss how best to achieve impact

    22 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • A still from IIED's animation about the SDGs (Image: Hands Up/IIED)

    Animations: explaining the SDGs in three minutes

    The wide-reaching agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals was brought to life in an animation commissioned by IIED

    21 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • Delegates at the 10th international conference on community-based adaptation (Photo: ICCCAD, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Events: international community-based adaptation conference showcases knowledge exchange

    International conferences on community-based adaptation (CBA) enable practitioners, governments and donors to share latest developments and best practice

    21 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • We undertook a survey to discover how our audience used our publications (Image: IIED)

    Surveys: getting feedback about our publications

    Respondents to our survey helped us to get beyond the numbers and develop our plans for IIED's online library

    15 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • This still image from a joint UNICEF/EVALSDGs webinar shows the webinar presenter, his presentation, some of the participants, and questions being submitted (Image: UNICEF Evaluation Office)

    Webinars: bringing people together online

    IIED's online seminars about land rights bring together experts from around the world to share knowledge and exchange ideas

    14 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • IIED's improved Publications Library allows better access to the institute's 6,700-plus publications from mobile phones and the global South (Image: IIED/Jon Knox)

    IIED delivers major upgrade to online Publications Library

    A new responsive design streamlines downloads and improves access for readers in the global South

    25 August 2016 | News | Communication
  • What's the use of being an expert if no one listens to you? (Photo: Chris Pirillo, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Simply telling a good story

    "Experts" are no longer listened to apparently – but if we tell a good story, and engage our audience, maybe they will want to hear what we say

    10 August 2016 | Blog | Communication
  • A woman explains the importance of guarding against future encroachments on her community's common land in Northern Uganda (Photo: LEMU)

    Protecting land and community resources in Africa

    Rural communities across Africa face a variety of threats to their claims to customary and indigenous land and natural resources. Advocates working to support these communities must draw on a range of experience and expertise. The NGOs Namati and Natural Justice brought together experts to consider the issues and published the results in a new book of 18 case studies

    7 March 2016 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Climate communications day: we need to “tell stories”

    “When talking to the converted...we’re looking for depth. When we’re talking to others... we need simple messages” and to tell stories that people can relate to, says Liz Carlile, Director of Communications at the International Institute for Environment and Development.

    1 December 2011 | Blog | Climate change
  • Conference delegates visited an irrigation project in Thanh Hoa province. (Photo: Mike Shanahan/IIED)

    6th Conference on community-based adaptation to climate change

    Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Sixth International Conference on Community-based Adaptation (CBA6) included three days of field visits to projects to see how communities living in different ecosystems have adapted to climate change, and three and a half days of interactive discussions on different thematic areas.

    10 November 2011 | Article | Climate change
  • Better communication is key to wise use of Nature's riches

    To ensure that nature's goods and services can continue to support human wellbeing, we need better communication about why biodiversity is important, what its decline means and what can be done about it.

    19 October 2010 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Climate change media partnership

    Internews, Panos and IIED have joined forces to support developing world journalism and perspectives from the heart of the international climate negotiations.

    27 August 2009 | Article | Climate change
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