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  • Populations of bees, butterflies and other pollinators are declining, posing potential risks to important world food crops (Photo: Brian McGill)

    The economics of mass extinction

    A recent UK newspaper column asserted that economic approaches to natural protection are flawed. In this blog, originally published to mark the International Day for Biodiversity, four academics argue that, on the contrary, "without nature, no other value is possible"

    29 May 2018 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Will biodiversity loss break the bank?

    Is the biodiversity drain speeding up? As Juliette Jowit reports in a recent Guardian, a study by Simon Stuart of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Species Survival Commission reveals that humans are driving extinctions ‘faster than new species can evolve’. That might not surprise some in Madagascar — the California-sized ‘eighth continent’ off Africa’s southeastern coast, and a crucible of species from lemurs to octopus trees. This positively sizzling biodiversity hotspot is in danger of becoming little more than a barren political minefield. All of which strikes a bleak note in this, the International Year of Biodiversity.

    9 March 2010 | Blog | Biodiversity
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