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  • Women preparing tapioca

    Tapioca tech in Togo – how producers are organising to transform lives and land

    Togo’s expanding populations need both food and means of generating income. After a recent visit, Duncan Macqueen reflects on how multi-tiered self-organisation is supporting sustainable solutions among tapioca producers

    5 February 2020 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Rows of small dishes containing various types of vegetable seeds, including beans and grains

    Madagascar needs agroforestry businesses in its response to climate change

    Madagascar’s forests are under increasing pressure from agricultural expansion, in an increasingly erratic climate. Agroforestry could be a key part of a response

    27 September 2019 | Blog | Climate change
  • A trolley load and shelves of cinnamon dry inside a special drying facility

    Vietnamese forest and farm producers work towards more resilient livelihoods and landscapes

    As the UN launches the Decade of Family Farming, Duncan Macqueen considers the role of the Forest and Farm Facility programme in improving incomes, employment and sustainable agricultural practices for Vietnamese farmers

    27 May 2019 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Bolivian family farming organisations show a poster about their award-winning coffee business development activity at the World Rural Forum in Bilbao, Spain (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Modern food systems to emerge in new decade of family farming

    Global farmers affirmed the vital relevance of small-holders at the World Rural Forum in Bilbao, Spain recently, highlighting how through innovative approaches they will contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals over the next ten years

    4 April 2019 | Blog | Forests
  • The Forest and Farm Facility is now working with Ecuador forest farm producers such as this bamboo production business

    Forest and Farm Facility Phase II

    The goal of Phase II of the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) is to strengthen the organisations of forest and farm producers to deliver climate-resilient landscapes and improved livelihoods

    24 March 2019 | Project | Forests
  • Baka women collecting non-timber forest products in Nomedjoh, Cameroon (Photo: Indra Van Gisbergen)

    Biodiversity: a women’s business?

    Women are among the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the world. What role do their burgeoning forest and farm businesses play in safeguarding biodiversity?

    29 November 2018 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Workshop participants undertake a participatory resource mapping exercise for community enterprises (Photo: Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources - ANSAB)

    Forest and Farm Facility launches Phase II

    On 20 July IIED and partners will launch Phase II of the Forest and Farm Facility, the second stage of a highly successful international partnership that is providing support to forest and farm producer organisations across Africa, Asia and Latin America

    20 July 2018 | News | Food and agriculture
  • South Africans celebrate 'Vuvuzela Day': the World Forestry Congress in Durban will discuss critical forestry issues (Photo: Dundas Football Club, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Time to dust off the vuvuzelas

    Ahead of the World Forestry Congress, which opens in Durban next week, Duncan Macqueen asks whether African forests can be saved

    4 September 2015 | Blog | Forests
  • A forest ranger takes measurements of a tree at Megeni Kitasha in the Rombo District in Moshi, Tanzania (Photo: FAO/Simon Maina)

    IIED at the XIV World Forestry Congress

    IIED and its partners will be at this year's World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa, from 7-11 September 2015

    11 August 2015 | Article | Forests
  • Reforestation program in Guatemala (Photo: Enrique Varahona)

    Forest and Farm Facility Phase I

    The Forest and Farm Facility's vision is that smallholders, communities, and indigenous peoples and women's organisations have improved livelihoods and decision-making over forest and farm landscapes

    29 May 2014 | Project | Forests
  • This family in the Mecati Forest, Mozambique, cut down trees and cleared the land on this hillside to grow a crop of cowpeas. They will use this land for two more years, use the cut timber for firewood, and them move on (Photo: Mike Goldwater)

    2014: the International Year of Family Farming

    See how IIED's work during the International Year of Family Farming helped to raise the profile of family and smallholder farming and its contribution to eradicating hunger, reducing rural poverty and more

    22 April 2014 | Article | Food and agriculture
  • Two rice terraces with a small forest growing between them in Nepal.

    Nepal: Forestry and agriculture and the story of their fake divorce

    While many Nepali subsistence farmers happily combine forestry and agriculture on their land, there is little integration between the two sectors in the country’s policy and administration.

    18 July 2013 | Blog | Forests
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