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  • A graphic which highlights the enefits of investing in national M&E systems for climate change

    Webinar: Benefits of investing in national monitoring and evaluation systems

    Join our webinar on 2 Oct 2018 to discuss how developing countries can benefit from investing in national M&E systems for climate change adaptation - and go beyond narrow project or indicator-based monitoring systems.

    29 August 2018 | News | Climate change
  • A washed-out road near Lake Bisina in Uganda. Uganda is experiencing significant impacts of climate change such as increased frequency of extreme weather events like floods (Photo: James Anderson, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Assessing adaptation and development progress

    Countries need to know whether their efforts to adapt to climate change are working. The first in a new series of webinars discussed approaches that can help governments assess their progress

    6 July 2018 | Blog | Climate change
  • Energy: One for all, and all for one

    Most of the 2 million car trips shared every month are taken to save money and to make friends. The 112,000 tonnes of C02 saved every year are an added bonus.

    30 May 2012 | Blog | Energy
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