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  • A road through deforested land

    Investor-state dispute settlement: IIED and partners contribute to reform working group

    IIED and partners have published four submissions to the UN working group on reforming investor-state dispute settlement. The submissions reflect a concern about ensuring sustainable development is central to the reforms

    22 July 2019 | News | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Yanacocha Mine, in Cajamarca, Peru. The country's Supreme Court last year ruled in favour of a farmer that a US gold miner claimed was illegally occupying land it wanted to develop (Golda Fuentes, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Getting community voices heard in investor-state arbitration

    During investor-state arbitrations, the rights and interests of local communities are often overlooked. A recent webinar discussed mechanisms that are getting the concerns of local communities on the table

    5 March 2018 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • A farm in Uganda. There has recently been much debate about responsible investment in the agricultural sector (Photo: US Aid, Creative Common, via Flickr)

    Responsible investment provisions in international investment treaties: where next?

    Lorenzo Cotula discusses how international investment treaties could promote more responsible investment and argues that, while some innovative practices are emerging, there is still much to do

    16 October 2017 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Land cleared for palm oil in Riau Province, Indonesia. Only half of Riau's palm oil plantations have official permits (Photo: Wakx, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Law in the natural resource squeeze: 'land grabbing', investment treaties and human rights

    Lorenzo Cotula discusses highlights from his latest academic piece, in which he explores whether investment treaties protect 'land grab' deals, and how these impact the land rights of rural people

    13 October 2016 | Article | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Coming in for lunch in the rice fields near Inle Lake, Myanmar. Online databases can provide verified data on land conflicts and help resolve disputes and improve governance (Eric Brochu, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Using online technology to empower communities facing land deals

    Online databases are proving a useful tool for communities facing large-scale agricultural investments and associated conflicts, as a recent IIED webinar discovered

    4 August 2016 | Blog | Communication
  • Clearing forest for a palm oil plantation in Borneo (Photo: Rainforest Action Network, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Commodity cycles, economic treaties and pressures on land rights

    The commodity slump has cooled the global land rush. But land rights are still under pressure, requiring action at local to global levels

    25 May 2016 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Land cleared for palm oil production, Indonesia (Photo: Rainforest Action Network, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    How investment treaties protect 'land grab' deals

    New research examining the geographical coverage of international investment treaties raises concern about how they might affect public action to address 'land grabbing'

    17 February 2016 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Negotiators on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership discuss the treaty in Brussels in May 2015 (Photo: European Parliament, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Investment treaties and citizens' power: lessons from experience

    There are growing calls to reform international investment law, but how can we ensure that the people affected by these decisions are part of the debate?

    7 September 2015 | Blog | Law
  • 10 Downing St. creative commons, MOD

    IIED responds to UK election outcome

    IIED hopes the new Conservative government will demonstrate UK leadership on inclusive citizenship and green prosperity on the global stage

    8 May 2015 | News | Communication
  • A rally protesting against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) takes place in Wellington, New Zealand (Photo: Neil Ballantyne, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    The rise of civil society advocacy on investment treaties in Malaysia and the Philippines

    Investment treaties can have far-reaching implications for communities, but how can citizens in low- and medium-income countries influence their content? An IIED webinar examined the role of civil society advocacy on investment treaties in Malaysia, the Philippines and beyond

    26 March 2015 | Blog | Law
  • The rich landscape of the Wolayita region in Southern Ethiopia highlights the country's huge potential (Photo: Rod Waddington, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Why parliament should scrutinise the UK-Ethiopia BIT

    The House of Commons has been debating the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). But will the UK parliament use its powers to debate a bilateral investment treaty signed with Ethiopia?

    19 January 2015 | Blog | Law
  • Farm labourers in a field

    Introduction to legal tools for citizen empowerment

    Can a half-acre of dry earth be more precious than gold? To farmers, herders and foragers in some of the world's poorest countries, the answer is very literally yes. Gold mining, agribusiness and other natural resource investments typically promise new jobs and public revenues. But they can also push poorer groups off their land and pollute their waterways

    3 October 2014 | Article | Land acquisitions and rights
  • EU and US flags

    Europe's controversial TTIP treaty: The good, the bad and the unnecessary

    Despite negotiations with the US proposing a more balanced text, the EU has yet to make a compelling case over the investment chapter of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

    10 July 2014 | Blog | Law
  • Women walk along a red dirt road in Benin.

    Is the tide turning for Africa’s investment treaties?

    A new Canada-Benin investment treaty contains more balanced provisions than most. But a real shift in treaty making requires African governments and civil society to seek a better deal for themselves.

    8 March 2013 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Investment Briefings

    This is a briefing series to support our work on direct investment and sustainable development.  These briefings provide accessible but accurate information for human rights, development and environmental organisations working on issues raised by foreign investment in low- and middle-income countries. 

    8 January 2009 | Article | Sustainable markets
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