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  • Conversation between a woman with a notebook and a man, with trees in the background

    The Nobel and poverty alleviation: "A slow deliberative process of discovery – no miracle cure"

    Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee and Michael Kremer have won the Nobel Prize in Economics, for their on-the-ground experiments on how best to alleviate poverty. IIED communications director Liz Carlile welcomes this recognition of the role played by research in changing development economics

    23 October 2019 | Blog | Communication
  • IIED's Susannah Fisher and David Dodman (top, centre) talk to stakeholders on a social learning project in Kenya (Photo: IIED)

    Using learning partnerships to support change

    IIED facilitiates a number of learning partnerships as a way of generating dialogue, encouraging joint learning and agreeing approaches for positive development outcomes

    24 April 2017 | Article | Communication
  • In 2018 IIED welcomed colleagues from Brazil, Cameroon, India, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe to Communications Learning Week (Photo: Anne Schulthess/IIED)

    Communications Learning Weeks

    IIED's Communications Learning Weeks are an opportunity for IIED and its partners to come together to explore tools and strategies for delivering effective communications

    7 July 2015 | Article | Communication
  • Women selling bananas in a street market (Photo: International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Creative Commons via Flickr)


    RurbanAfrica was all about collaboration. Linking rural and urban parts of sub-Saharan Africa and addressing the critical connections, this project championed progress and challenged some of the myths that hinder development

    30 March 2015 | Project | Poverty
  • Map showing location of IIED partners around the world that featured in the 2014 annual report

    Annual report 2014: IIED's partners

    Our partners who appear in this year’s annual report are listed on this page, but of course there are many others not mentioned; we extend our thanks to all of them for working with us to make change possible.

    6 November 2014 | Article | Communication
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