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  • Sheep wander past a former IDP camp in northern Uganda.

    Uganda: Breaking the links between the land and the people

    Land tenure relations are changing fast, but no one is asking how these drastic changes will transform the lives of Ugandans who depend on land for their identity, social status and livelihoods.

    11 March 2013 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Vietnam: Mangroves break waves and help the people of Dai Hop Commune break even

    Well-fed women smile out from under their hats as they pull in their catch of fish, shrimp and crabs from the mangrove forest. The simple images are in an educational booklet on the benefits of mangroves, with tips on how to grow seedlings.

    17 April 2012 | Blog | Climate change
  • More people, more trees

    More people, more trees. This is the name of a new video, part-funded by IIED, which shows two decades of progress in addressing soil erosion in Burkina Faso and Kenya that have significantly improved rural livelihoods and farm productivity.

    29 October 2010 | Blog | Drylands and pastoralism
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