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  • A daily savings book: local savings groups collect small payments from slum dwellers which can be leveraged to support slum upgrading projects (Photo: SDI, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Transforming aid for urban areas

    There is a new way to finance community-driven development, working with local funds set up and managed by grassroots organisations. This can work well at scale with local governments to meet basic needs and reduce urban poverty. David Satterthwaite explains why it’s time external agencies took note of this

    4 September 2018 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • An image of crouching community members in a village in Champasak province, Laos identify areas where open defecation is taking place ahead of implementing sanitation measures (Photo: Viengsompasong Inthavong/World Bank, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    An urban approach to 'leaving no one behind'

    Taking an urban approach can help identify who is at risk of 'being left behind' and how this can be avoided

    2 June 2016 | Blog | Urban
  • International days are used to promote awareness and action on important topics. But how does IIED engage with them? (Image: IIED)

    Seizing the day without falling off the bandwagon

    Whether you're marking World Toilet Day or World Philosophy Day, IIED's web content manager has a list of dos and don'ts to help get your message across

    19 November 2015 | Blog | Communication
  • A toilet block in Mumbai, India, where people living in different informal settlements experience distinct forms of inadequate sanitation (Photo: Renu Desai)

    Sanitation in informal settlements: a networked problem

    Can understanding how people perceive sanitation help achieve sustainable access to sanitation in cities?

    26 August 2015 | Blog | Urban
  • cover image

    PLA 61: Tales of shit: Community-Led Total Sanitation in Africa

    Keep up to date with the latest participation news from Participatory Learning and Action – a leading informal journal on participatory methods and approaches that strengthen rights, voice and governance and promote social justice. The series is published in English, with some issues translated into other languages, and some issues available in multimedia formats.

    1 November 2010 | Article | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
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