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  • A woman in Malawi carries a solar panel above her head through a forest path

    Climate adaptation: its time is now

    As adaptation shares more of the limelight, champions of community-based adaption have messages on three key areas that international policymakers must hear

    29 May 2019 | Blog | Climate change
  • This farmer in India's Maharashtra state gets weather alerts, advisories about pests and market information via his mobile phone (Photo: Borlaug Institute for South Asia, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    CBA13: unlocking the power of technology to build climate resilience

    Chris Henderson and Susan Nanduddu will lead the adaptation technology theme at this year’s community-based adaptation (CBA) event. In this Q&A, they give a taster of the issues participants will be tackling – and discuss the plan for taking forward emerging solutions.

    27 February 2019 | Article | Climate change
  • Women work in a knitwear factory

    The future of work, technological change and global inequality

    Technical and digital innovation are transforming the nature of work, employment patterns and international trade. IIED director Andrew Norton looks at how technological change brings both threats and opportunities – and how developing countries can take action to ensure their citizens have the skills they need

    2 November 2018 | Blog | Economics
  • Women using the Changu Changu Moto Fuel-Efficient Clean Cookstove, Malawi, Africa (Photo: Ripple Africa)

    Technologies for sustainable development: mind the gender gap

    New technologies are advancing sustainable development in Malawi. But these technologies must be designed to meet the needs of the group most likely to use them: women

    30 April 2018 | Blog | Climate change
  • Stella Gama of Malawi at a desk speaks into a microphone as she briefs the Technology Executive Committee

    Supporting Least Developed Countries on climate technology transfer

    In March, experts on technology development and transfer gathered in Copenhagen and Bonn to take forward the work of the UN climate negotiations. IIED supported representatives of the Least Developed Countries to present proposals that would work for them

    4 April 2018 | Blog | Climate change
  • Garment workers in Bangladesh - increasing automation threatens low-cost manufacturing jobs in developing countries (Photo: NYU Stern BHR, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Automation, the changing world of work, and sustainable development

    Technological change, especially automation and digital innovation, are likely to have a profound impact on jobs in developing countries. Countries should act now to refocus their economic and social policies to make them more sustainable

    17 August 2017 | Blog | Economics
  • How mobiles stayed massive — talking down the recession

    How is it that mobile phone operators are proving - true to their name - too agile for the long arm of this recession?

    26 January 2010 | Blog | Sustainable markets
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