Talking about mainstreaming biodiversity

Article, 01 May 2014

We want to see biodiversity issues at the heart of development policies. Hear from country project members and independent members of the African leaders' group about their experiences of revising National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAPs), biodiversity mainstreaming and what makes for success.

Mainstreaming biodiversity and development follows eight countries as they use their NBSAP to integrate biodiversity into mainstream development strategies.

Scroll through the playlist below to hear about what project members think successful biodiversity mainstreaming will look like. Listen to what to expect when your revised NBSAP is peer reviewed, how communities should be involved in that revision, and the accompanying governance issues of the revision process.

You can read an interview with Camila Oliveira, an environmental analyst in the Ministry of the Environment in Brazil and national manager of the project Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition, who describes how she mainstreamed biodiversity into nutrition policy using the NBSAP. And Fulufhelo Mukhadi talks about what SANBI has been doing to mainstream biodiversity in South Africa.