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How does  IIED engage with, and learn from, participants at major conferences? Vanessa McLeod-Kourie explains.

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4 December 2008

Vanessa McLeod-Kourie is IIED's former publications and marketing manager

I love working on an exhibition stand at major conferences. I get to meet such a culturally diverse set of people, all of whom have a variety of backgrounds and reasons for being here.

There are those that know IIED and make me feel so proud when they tell me how much they like our work or publications. Then there are those that don't know who we are at all and I have the pleasure of explaining the extraordinary breadth of the work we do with partners all over the world.

But these experiences are an exchange. And the stories that I have heard of the work participants at the conference are doing all over the world are truely amazing. But again, on the flip side, are the stories about the affects climate change is already having in some countries.

If only I could swap my job with that of the politicians for a day or two, so that they too could sit, listen, and hear the stories about the reality of climate change.

It's here, it's happening and we really do need both the government and private sector to make change happen from NOW!

Vanessa McLeod-Kourie is IIED's former publications and marketing manager.

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