IIED asks stakeholders: what do you think of us?

News, 26 February 2017
A survey asks stakeholders for their views on IIED's originality, engagement and effectiveness.

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What do people think of IIED? One way to find out is by asking our stakeholders – our partners, peers and colleagues around the globe.

Our new online survey is asking our key stakeholders for their views about IIED and the relevance and impact of our research. 

IIED works in partnership with individuals, communities and organisations in more than 60 countries. We value these links hugely, and we want to learn more about how our partners view our work and the experiences of partners and other stakeholders of working with us. 

Our stakeholder survey is designed to take 15 minutes to complete. The questions ask respondents to assess the relevance, originality and accessibility of IIED's research. The survey also asks about how we work with local communities, and whether IIED is effective in building the capacities of partner organisations. All responses will be anonymous.

The stakeholder survey is an important part of our efforts to evaluate our impact and our ways of working. The feedback we get can be very helpful in guiding our work. In 2016 we did an online survey of people who read IIED's publications, and the responses gave us useful insights into how our publications are accessed and used. The survey feedback helped to guide a major upgrade of our online Publications Library.

This stakeholder survey remains open until 17 March 2017.


Stefano D'Errico (stefano.derrico@iied.org), monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning manager, IIED's Strategy and Learning Group

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