The IIED brand: tell us what you think

News, 1 April 2016
Contribute to our survey and help us understand how we are perceived.

A selection of IIED publications (Photo: IIED)

What does IIED mean to you? What drives you to engage with our work? Tell us in our new online survey, and help us to reach our audiences more effectively.

In 2013 we commissioned a refresh of the IIED brand in order to make our identity and our research outputs clearer and more accessible. Our brand should help to communicate our values and purposes, and enable us to connect with stakeholders and deliver impact. 

Now we want to find out whether our recent efforts have worked as we hoped. We want to learn how IIED is perceived and understood by our many and diverse stakeholders around the world, from the donors who fund our work to local organisations in the global South with which we work in partnership.

To help with this, we have commissioned an independent evaluation that will provide clear insights into our brand and how people respond to it. A key part of this review is an online survey of our readers – that's where you come in!

The survey should take just 10 minutes. All responses are anonymous. Your feedback is important: we received insightful and very helpful responses to our recent readers survey, and they have helped us to make practical improvements to our publications and help plan improvements to our online library.  

Let us know what you think

We ask you to take a little bit of time to help us carry out the evaluation. Our survey is online at SurveyMonkey: please take it now!

We are very grateful for your time and the attention you can give to this, and we will report back on what we have learned and how we will take action to incorporate the findings into our work.


Kate Wilson ( IIED's publications and marketing manager

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