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News, 30 July 2018
Read the July edition of the IIED newsletter, rounding up all our publications, blogs and news from last month.

A screenshot of the July 2018 IIED newsletter

In the latest newsletter, we highlight a number of new blogs ranging from climate change to biodiversity to the illegal wildlife trade. Principal researcher Achala Abeysinghe discusses a recent global meeting on long-term climate and development strategies. She shows how good governance is essential for achieving long-term climate strategies – ensuring a ‘whole government’ and ‘whole society’ approach.

Another new blog was highlighted: There’s justice in the battle for biodiversity from James Mayers, director of natural resources, looks at the links between biodiversity, development and social justice. 

Also in this edition, we learn about the launch of Phase II of the highly successful Forest and Farm Facility (FFF). The project, which is a partnership of IIED, FAO, IUCN and AgriCord, was launched at the biennial meeting of the Committee on Forestry (COFO), the FAO's highest statutory forestry body. FFF has achieved documented success in poverty reduction, policy influence, increased tenure security, improved prices for producers and business development in ways that reflect greater participation by women and an emphasis on youth involvement.

Make sure not to miss the call for interest in participating in a workshop on community voices on illegal wildlife trade. IIED and partners are seeking expressions of interest by 31 July from representatives of communities living alongside wildlife, and from relevant community support organisations, in participating in a one-day meeting in London in October 2018. The event will be an opportunity to get local voices heard in the debate on responses to the illegal wildlife trade.

This month we also feature:

• A recent blog highlighting the problems of electricity supply in Tanzania, and some possible solutions

• Two new research reports highlighting challenges around the mining sector in Africa: Artisanal and small-scale mining in Tanzania – Evidence to inform an ‘action dialogue’ and Chinese investments and Africa’s small-scale producers: disruptions and opportunities, and

• A new briefing from the Forest and Farm Facility: Transforming gender relations: upscaling collective action in women’s entrepreneurship.

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