October 2011

6 October 2011

The 2011 Development and Climate (D&C) Days event focused on “evidence-based adaptation planning”. The event featured presentations covering issues such as how to generate robust evidence for informing transparent and participatory policy making under uncertainty.

17 October 2011

Mobile lectures, a mock newsroom tussle between journalists competing for their editor’s attention, and imagining a day in the life of policymakers and poor farmers were just some of the innovative elements of two workshops on climate change communication run by IIED in Zimbabwe in February 2011.

31 October 2011

Governments are ignoring a vast store of knowledge -- generated over thousands of years -- that could protect food supplies and make agriculture more resilient to climate change, says a briefing published today by IIED.

21 October 2011

The International Institute for Environment and Development celebrates four decades of research to identify policies that meet people’s needs while sustaining the environment upon which all good development depends.

20 October 2011

Plans for a multi-billion dollar fund to help developing countries deal with climate change hit a big barrier this week when countries could not agree on the design of the fund.

6 October 2011

A growing focus on national and international security challenges posed by climate change could detract attention from the root causes of the problem, the needs of the most vulnerable people and the search for appropriate solutions.

5 October 2011

The Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) has awarded journalists from 15 countries with fellowships to attend crucial UN talks in Durban that could spell the demise or rebirth of the Kyoto Protocol.