November 2011

24 November 2011

A paper published today by IIED warns that African governments are signing away water rights for decades with insufficient regard for how this will affect millions of local users, including fishing, farming and pastoralist communities.

21 November 2011

A briefing paper published today (21 November) by IIED outlines three steps to ensure developed countries meet their agreed commitments to help poorer nations adapt to climate change.

22 November 2011

A book published today by IIED paints a vivid picture of an alternative future in which food, energy and water supplies are sustainable and in the control of local communities.

25 November 2011

Research in Africa and Asia has shown that efforts to assess the costs of adapting agriculture to a changing climate often fail to reflect the diversity of the sector.

23 November 2011

A study into how large dams in West Africa have affected local people has identified ways to share the benefits of future dams more equitably and create development opportunities for communities.

14 November 2011

Saleemul Huq, senior fellow in IIED's climate change group, gave the following speech to government ministers at the Climate Vulnerable Forum in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 13 November.