November 2012

7 November 2012

Connecting plans for producing food, fuel, fibre and forests can help smallholder farmers and large companies work together towards sustainable development -- but this is rarely done, say researchers who hope to address this.

19 November 2012
A major international project has provided insights into how small-scale farmers in Africa can improve their livelihoods by building sustainable trading relations with international businesses in the food industry.
26 November 2012
Rich nations score poorly on climate finance in most detailed analysis to date and have failed to keep promises to provide poorer ones with funds to tackle climate change.
29 November 2012
A three-year study of the ways small-scale farmers operate in Africa, Asia and Latin America has prompted calls for a major rethink of development and business interventions.
28 November 2012
This week, IIED published a paper that assessed how well rich nations had met their promises to provide developing countries with finance to tackle climate change. Since then, the US and UK governments have produced new figures, which we analyse in the addendum text and table below.