March 2013

4 March 2013
Experts in forest governance from ten countries in Africa and Asia will meet this week in China to take stock of their successes and frustrations over the past decade and learn how their hosts handle issues in the sector.
5 March 2013
Small-scale and artisanal mining — a sector that governments and development agencies often see as only as a problem — could be a source of sustainable livelihoods for millions of marginalised people, say researchers at the International Institute for Environment and Development.
12 March 2013

A new international alliance of research institutes has identified eight major shifts that must take place for humanity to achieve sustainable development.

14 March 2013
Staff at IIED are reeling from the news that our long-term research partner Perween Rahman was murdered yesterday.
14 March 2013
An international effort to ensure good governance of natural resources could do more to improve accountability and sustainability, according to research in the oil- and gas-rich Caspian Sea Region that IIED has published today.
19 March 2013

New systems for tracking the social impacts of efforts to adapt to climate change could soon be in place in Africa and South Asia.

20 March 2013
World’s first people’s manifesto for democracy and sustainability sets out a global agenda for action.
21 March 2013
Researchers will meet at London Zoo on 26-27 March to join the dots between large land deals, conservation, land rights and efforts to tackle poverty in poor communities worldwide.
26 March 2013
Local and international politics can limit the potential for urban centres to deliver benefits to their poorest citizens, even where there are pro-poor policies and market liberalization. So concludes a study, published today by the International Institute for Environment and Development.
28 March 2013
Policies to increase food security in the global South focus too much on rural food production and not enough on ensuring poor people can access and afford food, especially in urban areas, says a report published today by the International Institute for Environment and Development.