April 2013

2 April 2013
Participate in our online debate on 9 April 2013 at 12.30-13.30 London time
5 April 2013
People who feel wronged by large scale land deals in Africa are taking a variety of steps to seek justice, according to new research that examines the accountability of public authorities that preside over such deals and asks whether legal empowerment offers citizens scope to expect fairer outcomes.
10 April 2013
Urbanization is often associated with greater independence and opportunity for women – but also with high risks of violence and constraints on employment, mobility and leadership that reflect deep gender-based inequalities.
18 April 2013
The new report from the Montpellier Panel – a panel of international experts led by Professor Sir Gordon Conway of Agriculture for Impact – provides innovative thinking and examples into the way in which the techniques of sustainable intensification are being used by smallholder farmers in Africa to address the continent’s food and nutrition crisis.
19 April 2013
Partial narratives that underpin policymaking prevent people in arid regions from fulfilling their potential to provide food and sustain resilient livelihoods in a changing climate.
19 April 2013
Bangladesh may be among the countries most vulnerable to climate change but it is also to one that has done most to adapt to the impacts ahead, according to the organisers of an international conference that takes place there next week.
25 April 2013
Giant mining, timber, and oil and gas projects provide lessons in how companies can act to address conflict and build trust in communities their activities affect, according to a new book from the International Institute for Environment and Development.
25 April 2013
Representatives from governments in Africa and Asia have formed a network to support their efforts to factor climate change into national development planning.