May 2014

14 May 2014

At the close of the 8th International Conference on Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA8) in April 2014, delegates released a declaration that called for a radical shift in flows of finance to ensure the most vulnerable communities can adapt to climate change

6 May 2014
With three big shifts in flows of finance rendering recent efforts to limit the environmental and social impacts of large dams marginal, backers of new dams are being urged to ensure safeguards are in place
7 May 2014
On 7-8 May, in the town of Konni, Niger's Minister of Agriculture will chair a national forum on legal protection of land tenure in irrigated areas. The forum will be attended by representatives from government, regional and local authorities, local groups, the private sector and civil society
8 May 2014
In the spirit of the International Year of Family and Peasant Farming, indigenous mountain farmers from China, Bhutan and Peru have agreed to share seeds in an effort to cope with global climate change
20 May 2014
Governments, donors and investors must bolster locally-controlled forest businesses if they wish to deliver public goods, support livelihoods and help tackle poverty and climate change, says a new report