September 2015

7 September 2015
Conserving our oceans and marine resources is critical to an integrated approach to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, argues Essam Yassin Mohammed
11 September 2015
The Sustainable Development Goals set the priorities for a more sustainable, green economy, but that means that how we assess and measure that economy needs to change, argues Oliver Greenfield
22 September 2015
The annual World Water Week in Stockholm focuses on a wide range of issues relating to water across the globe. This year's theme was 'Water for development'. GWI West Africa held a side event at World Water Week 2015, titled 'Towards socially just and economically viable dams in West Africa'. The event was designed to share some of the lessons learnt from our work in West Africa and exchange experiences with others from across the globe
24 September 2015
IIED senior researcher Ben Garside says the Sustainable Development Goal on energy will be a powerful driver for development
30 September 2015
IIED is pleased to announce the dates for the 10th annual International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA9), which will take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from 22-28 April, 2016