November 2018

5 November 2018

The Least Developed Countries Group is inviting submissions on effective long-term adaptation to climate change. The submissions will contribute to a major new initiative that seeks to develop a long-term vision for climate resilience up to 2050

6 November 2018
IIED held its fifth Fish Night event on 17 October 2018, with Professor Rashid Sumaila speaking about the ways to make sure subsidies designed to benefit the fishing sector don’t work to the detriment of smaller fisheries
7 November 2018

Join our webinar on 20 November 2018 to discuss how natural capital accounting methods could be used to identify the contribution made by small-scale fisheries to the national economy

14 November 2018

The new, expanded second edition incorporates practical learning from sites in five countries and strengthens focus on governance and equity

28 November 2018

A new animation explains how governments can use tools such as taxes, penalties and subsidies to support the health of the ocean and protect the livelihoods of people who depend on it