February 2019

15 February 2019
A new animation from IIED – the second instalment in a three-part series – urges policymakers around the world to recognise the value that small-scale fishing brings to national economies
5 February 2019
IIED and Hivos will highlight the importance of listening to citizens' voices at an international conference on sustainable food systems this week
6 February 2019
Join our webinar on 18 March 2019 to discuss the interconnectedness of the high seas and coastal waters, and what this means for vulnerable coastal communities
15 February 2019
Ahead of an intergovernmental forum on biodiversity and food security, the International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples has published a report highlighting the importance of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge for climate adaptation
21 February 2019
The final instalment in a series of three animations from IIED on how nations can move towards an inclusive blue economy explores how a new global treaty – the first of its kind – could end lawlessness that threatens conservation of the high seas