May 2021

10 May 2021
IIED, SDSG and CCSI have collected community development laws and agreements for the mining sector from more than 50 countries to encourage better research and policy
13 May 2021
At the start of 2021, 40 governments and leading organisations endorsed eight principles for locally led adaptation. As the number of endorsers grows, IIED has launched an innovative podcast mini-series to explore what this commitment will mean in practice
10 May 2021
The new Transformative Urban Coalitions project brings IIED and partners together to change structures and values, build new urban coalitions and implement strategies leading to socially inclusive zero-carbon cities
20 May 2021
In the second episode of ‘Locally led adaptation – a time for action’, organisations that have signed up to the principles of locally led adaptation are held to account by two expert judges. Will their plans for tracking progress on putting local people in control of local level adaptation make the grade?
21 May 2021
Join IIED for a Twitter chat on 9 June to discuss how to scale up local climate action. The Twitter chat will use the hashtag #CBA15