Pakistan Floods - UK Government response

Article, 28 September 2010
 © Tariq Saeed/IRIN)
Lahore resident Jamila Hasan and her disabled daughter negotiate their way across a flooded street
(Photo: © Tariq Saeed/IRIN)

UKaid announced so far will provide help for around one and a half million people in Pakistan affected by the floods.

The UK Government has earmarked up to £134 million in response to the UN Pakistan appeal. In addition, a £10 million bridge project has been brought forward.

For full details of the UK Governments response, and information on how YOU can help, please visit the DFID web site.


Summary of UKaid to those affected by the floods:

  • Safe drinking water; 1,150 private bathing facilities; emergency shelter kits for 30,500 families; toilets installed/repaired; hygiene kits for 74,500 families; 650 new born baby kits; plus more, in Punjab and Sindh channelled via Save the Children, Concern, and Oxfam: £9 million
  • Health care, shelter, and food for people primarily in Punjab and Sindh: £14.5 million
  • Twelve DFID-funded planes carrying lifesaving aid have arrived in Pakistan consisting of:
    • Five DFID funded RAF planes, two carrying UN items, the remaining three bringing tents and emergency shelter kits
    • Six DFID chartered planes, bringing emergency shelter kits, blankets, and buckets
  • 3,500 tents and 13,376 shelter kits, providing shelter for more than 80,290 people
  • 24,000 water containers and 48,375 blankets
  • 1.7 million water purification tablets – equivalent to 28 million litres of water
  • Help for half-a-million malnourished children and pregnant/breastfeeding women by providing high energy food supplements, treatment for severely malnourished children, and training health workers: £4 million
  • Safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for 800,000 people via UNICEF: £5 million
  • Water and sanitation, shelter, food, and healthcare via Pakistan Emergency Response Fund: £5 million
  • Bridges project brought forward - 10 bridges currently being shipped from the UK and two being transported by road from Karachi: £10 million
  • Emergency ‘seed money’ for NGOs released via Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies: £750,000
  • Radio broadcasts with humanitarian information: £45,000
  • Extension of DFID loan guarantee scheme to small enterprises affected by the floods
  • UK public contributions to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal: £40 million
  • Scottish Government contribution to Scottish aid agencies in country: £500,000
  • Previous contributions to the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), the Central Emergency Response Fund, and International Committee of the Red Cross

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