IIED brings together more than 120 people from diverse backgrounds and countries to deliver high quality research, analysis and impact. Our work is guided by our leadership team, research fellows and trustees. Below are some of our most active staff online

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Andrew Norton's picture

Andrew Norton

David Satterthwaite's picture

David Satterthwaite

Senior fellow
Lucy Earle's picture

Lucy Earle

Principal researcher
Clare Shakya's picture

Clare Shakya

Group director
Brianna Craft's picture

Brianna Craft

Senior researcher
Emilie Beauchamp's picture

Emilie Beauchamp

Senior researcher
David Dodman's picture

David Dodman

Group director
James Mayers's picture

James Mayers

Group director
Anna Walnycki's picture

Anna Walnycki

Senior researcher

Research expertise

Working through four research groups, we develop cross-cutting solutions that deliver impact on many levels.
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Climate Change research group

Collaborating with partners to address the challenges of climate change, leading the way on policy, adaptation and resilience

Human Settlements research group

Cities that work for people and planet

Natural Resources research group

Working with partners to build capacity and shape policy for the fair and sustainable use of natural resources

Shaping Sustainable Markets research group

Driving our efforts to ensure that markets contribute to positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes

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