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Climate Communications Day

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  • A delegate at COP18 in Doha  (Photo:  N. Palmer/CIAT, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    IIED at the COP18 UN climate summit

    Qatar hosted the 18th UN climate summit. IIED researchers attended the talks and supported negotiators from the Least Developed Countries

    20 December 2012 | Article | Climate change
  • Men from Blitar, a city in East Java, Indonesia, sit in a circle on mats.

    Climate change communication: 'A' is for audience

    Suriya Begum is a poor young mother from Bangladesh. When her photograph appeared in a media story about climate change earlier this year, it was only so the article could show a victim — not so it could share her views.

    7 December 2012 | Blog | Climate change
  • In Durban, a day to focus on climate communication

    Communicating climate change is an "orphan" issue among policy-makers, according to speakers at Climate Communications Day, the first ever day-long public forum organized by and for journalists at a climate summit.

    19 December 2011 | News | Climate change
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