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  • Roasted coffee beans.

    World Food Day: how do you keep co-operatives competitive?

    The Food and Agriculture Organization's 2012 World Food Day focuses on co-operatives.This time around co-operatives need to be what the small-scale farmers actually want. Sometimes that means something quite informal.

    15 October 2012 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Energy: One for all, and all for one

    Most of the 2 million car trips shared every month are taken to save money and to make friends. The 112,000 tonnes of C02 saved every year are an added bonus.

    30 May 2012 | Blog | Energy
  • Invest in farmers, not in farmland

    "Land grabs" are now one of the biggest issues in Africa.

    22 February 2012 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Supporting smallholders: markets, rights, or sovereignty?

    But, according to one speaker at the event, smallholders aren’t helped by either.

    9 March 2011 | Article | Food and agriculture
  • Carbon and labels: an unhappy marriage?

    Agriculture is just one of the sectors in which carbon labelling — the labelling of a product to show how much carbon (and other greenhouse gases) have been emitted during its ‘lifecycle’ — is being used to show how individual products contribute to climate change. The logic behind applying carbon labels to agriculture seems sound enough: agriculture accounts for 10 to 12 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions and produces much of the food we eat and the products we buy. Finding a way to tell consumers how much individual agricultural products contribute to this should encourage them to choose those products with the lowest carbon footprint and help make agriculture more sustainable. But the truth is that it is very difficult to provide accurate carbon labels for agricultural products. And carbon labelling can impact farmers in the developing world in ways that don’t support development.

    11 January 2011 | Blog | Food and agriculture
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