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  • A traditional dance festival attracts tourists in Romania's Maramures Nature Park. The park was designed as a multifunctional protected landscape and was zoned to reflect both environmental priorities and economic needs of local people (Photo: Radu Pop/UNDP, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Equity, justice and ecosystem services: what do we mean?

    Conservation efforts are increasingly supposed to achieve equity – but what does this mean and how can it be assessed? Phil Franks shares some ideas that may help

    11 May 2015 | Blog | Natural resource management
  • A shoal of fish; marine issues were among the focus of the international seminar

    International seminar to demonstrate economic value of marine and coastal ecosystem services

    An international seminar in Costa Rica on Friday, 5 September focused on the economic contribution of marine and coastal ecosystem services to the regional economy

    4 September 2014 | News | Fisheries
  • Coral reefs provide us with goods worth hundreds of billions of dollars but are in decline. Copyright: 2004 Richard Ling

    How to protect our oceans: use more carrots

    Incentives to protect marine and coastal environments could be more effective than a ‘command and control’ approach, but only if reinforced by efficient, transparent and equitable governance.

    1 November 2013 | Blog | Fisheries
  • Making sure the poor benefit from ecosystem services

    Palm wine, bat stew and carbon markets all made it into the same discussion in Parliament last night – likely for the first time.

    8 February 2012 | Blog | Poverty
  • Defining fairness: the experiences of a Richard Sandbrook scholar at IIED

    My being at IIED is rather fortuitous. I completely missed the first advertisement to apply for this position when it went round on the college mailing list, but luckily I was saved when the deadline for applications was pushed back a week to accommodate late applicants. I was one of those late applicants. In the space of a few short weeks I was notified that I had been shortlisted and that I was invited to interview for the Richard Sandbrook Scholarship. I was just thrilled to have been offered an interview so you can imagine my joy when I was told hours later that I had been selected for the position.

    20 September 2011 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Biomass energy: optimising its contribution to poverty reduction and ecosystem services

    Biomass energy makes up 77 per cent of the world’s renewable energy - or 10 per cent of the world’s total energy mix (3 per cent in OECD and 22 per cent in non-OECD countries). As a major and increasing component of land use, biomass energy systems therefore have significant impacts on both ecosystem services and poverty.  

    21 January 2011 | Project | Energy
  • Water ecosystem services and poverty reduction under climate change

    IIED led a project to scope a research programme on freshwater ecosystem services and poverty reduction in the context of climate change and other drivers of change

    1 October 2008 | Project | Natural resource management
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