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  • Physical barriers have been installed around Karachi to protect the city from violent conflict, but their impacts have been publically disruptive and socially divisive (Photo: Noman Ahmed and colleagues)

    Barricading Karachi: how private security contributes to dividing the city

    Violence in Karachi will not be reduced until more effective and equitable solutions to policing and urban planning are found. Guest blogger Donald Brown examines the ways physical barriers affect space and people.

    1 December 2015 | Blog | Governance
  • Three-wheeler vehicles known as Quinqis are a popular and cheap method of transport in Karachi, but they cause considerable congestion (Photo: Carol Mitchell, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Karachi's transport challenge

    Karachi desperately needs a better transport system. Government efforts have repeatedly failed, yet the authorities are reluctant to allow innovative solutions to rule the road

    13 August 2015 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • A view of Karachi from the film Karachi Rising (Image: Arif Hasan)

    Focus on urbanisation issues in Karachi

    IIED collaborated with partners to look at urbanisation in Karachi

    17 July 2015 | Project | Urban
  • A 'living room on the street' in Paposh Nagar, Karachi (Photo: Fareena Chanda)

    Helping low-income groups in Karachi, Bangkok and Kathmandu to take advantage of urban density

    IIED worked with local partners to seek out alternative routes to density, that don't force people to choose between being displaced to distant peripheries or being crowded into unhealthy "slums" or apartment blocks

    16 July 2015 | Project | Policy and planning
  • Watch the Karachi Rising film

    The houses that Karachi's poor want

    Karachi is building upwards to house its expanding population, but unregulated building leaves poor families at risk. An IIED film outlines solutions that could benefit the city, says Suzanne Fisher

    23 April 2014 | Blog | Poverty
  • A row of houses called Garden Road Colony, Karachi, Pakistan.

    Study reveals roots of urban land issues that limit development

    Local and international politics can limit the potential for urban centres to deliver benefits to their poorest citizens, even where there are pro-poor policies and market liberalization. So concludes a study, published today by the International Institute for Environment and Development.

    26 March 2013 | News | Urban
  • Pakistan Floods - UK Government response

    UKaid announced so far will provide help for around one and a half million people in Pakistan affected by the floods. The UK Government has earmarked up to £134 million in response to the UN Pakistan appeal. In addition, a £10 million bridge project has been brought forward. For full details of the UK Governments response, and information on how YOU can help, please visit the DFID web site.

    28 September 2010 | Article | Urban
  • Pakistan - Floods and after

    Arif Hasan, IIED Visiting Fellow, 27 August 2010 'For a sustainable reconstruction of the physical and social infrastructure of flood ravaged Sindh, it is necessary to understand to what extent the damage caused by the flood is man-made. Some of the broad indicators are obvious'.

    1 September 2010 | Article | Urban
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