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  • Screenshot of map

    Mapping community development requirements in the mining sector

    A catalogue of community development laws related to the mining sector has been created featuring legislative arrangements from 54 countries. All legislation can be searched in a map and is available for download

    10 May 2021 | Project | Law
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    What role do local governance frameworks play in strengthening women’s voices in land governance?

    Across East and West Africa, IIED and partners have been developing and testing approaches to strengthen women’s voices in local land governance. Philippine Sutz reflects on the role and impact of local governance frameworks as these approaches are implemented in different contexts

    8 March 2021 | Blog | Gender
  • An aerial view of the Southwest Mau Forest and neighbouring tea estates in Kenya (Photo: Patrick Sheperd/CIFOR, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Development finance and land rights: how we can do better

    Ahead of the World Bank conference on land and poverty, Lorenzo Cotula and Brendan Schwartz discuss how development finance institutions can better address land rights issues

    22 March 2019 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • A sign protesting against development

    Understanding growing pressures on land: 'land grabbing' and beyond

    Land is central to livelihoods, culture and identity for millions of people across the developing world. But there is growing concern that people's connection to their land is being undermined by large-scale agribusiness and extractive industry investments in Africa, Asia and Latin America

    13 October 2014 | Project | Land acquisitions and rights
  • An excerpt from the Challenging the constitutionality of adverse laws: Success stories from Indonesia webinar

    Striking down adverse investment laws: success stories from Indonesia

    How is it possible to challenge laws that promote investment but adversely affect the rights of local communities? Two legal empowerment practitioners from peasants' rights and indigenous peoples organisations in Indonesia recently shared their experiences during IIED's first Legal Tools webinar.

    25 March 2014 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
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