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  • Shoal of fish.

    The ecosystem approach: a holistic perspective to marine biodiversity conservation

    A new briefing by IIED and the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea explores the implementation of the ‘ecosystem approach’ in the international legally-binding treaty to protect marine biodiversity

    28 August 2020 | News | Fisheries
  • A deep sea octopus

    Fish Night 6: Wonders of the deep blue

    IIED's November Fish Night event will focus on the deep sea, and the impacts of human activities on this fragile environment

    21 October 2019 | News | Biodiversity
  • a turtle

    Navigating ocean investments

    In the first of a new series of ‘Insights’ case studies designed to highlight links between business and sustainability, IIED looks at a business model that could be the key to bridging the marine conservation funding gap.

    1 October 2019 | Article | Economics
  • A family fishes in Chandpur, Bangladesh

    New rules for high seas must include poorest countries’ needs

    For new laws concerning the high seas to be effective and fair, it's vital that the poorest people are listened to and given an active role in protecting and managing our oceans. So says Essam Yassin Mohammed, who is in New York for the negotiations

    5 September 2018 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Policymakers at a UN meeting in New York discuss how to end the legal 'no man's land' on 50 per cent of the Earth's surface (Photo by IISD/Francis Dejon)

    Governing the ungoverned 50% of the planet

    Essam Yassin Mohammed reports back from the first round of a UN preparatory meeting to create an agreement on the sustainable use of marine biodiversity in the high seas

    11 April 2016 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • IIED's Essam Yassin Mohammed directs questions to UCL senior lecturer Peter Jones on Marine Protected Areas (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)

    Critical theme: Governing Marine Protected Areas

    The governance framework of marine resources was the focus when the latest in a series of seminars at IIED took place on 6 October, 2014

    6 October 2014 | Article | Fisheries
  • Coral reefs provide us with goods worth hundreds of billions of dollars but are in decline. Copyright: 2004 Richard Ling

    How to protect our oceans: use more carrots

    Incentives to protect marine and coastal environments could be more effective than a ‘command and control’ approach, but only if reinforced by efficient, transparent and equitable governance.

    1 November 2013 | Blog | Fisheries
  • Fishing boats return to a beach on the Bay of Bengal.

    New Commission for oceans in crisis

    Our oceans give us food and oxygen, regulate climate and offer untold riches, yet are in deep trouble. So what should a new Global Ocean Commission do about it?

    14 February 2013 | Blog | Fisheries
  • Kenya: Community-based marine area holds some important lessons for policy makers

    On a white sandy beach in a small fishing village called Kuruwitu in eastern Kenya a ground-breaking project that aimed to protect marine biodiversity and improve livelihoods was launched in 2005. Six years on what obstacles has it encountered and what lessons can be learned?

    14 November 2011 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
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