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  • Three farmers plan their crops on a steep hillside

    Thorny issues: achieving a fair and equitable Global Goal on Adaptation

    The international Climate Adaptation Summit on 25 and 26 January aims to spur worldwide efforts to adapt to climate change. The Paris Agreement established the need for a Global Goal on Adaptation, but a new IIED briefing paper argues that to effectively operationalise the global goal, policymakers need to address some fundamental conceptual and technical challenges.

    25 January 2021 | Blog | Climate change
  • People in medical suits and masks taking notes.

    Evaluations as a tool to enhance policymaking: from COVID-19 to the climate crisis

    A new briefing analyses how evaluations can be used to improve policymaking to address the climate emergency, using examples from the global reaction to the coronavirus pandemic

    26 October 2020 | News | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • A man stands as he speaks to a seated group of people surrounding him

    How to get the most out of dialogue

    A new IIED-commissioned review seeks to deepen understanding of what makes effective dialogue and why

    3 June 2020 | Blog | Communication
  • Someone puts the final piece of a jigsaw into the puzzle

    Is SDG evaluation just business as usual?

    Stefano D'Errico outlines four steps that should be considered in the design of an effective evaluative process for the Sustainable Development Goals

    21 April 2020 | Blog | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • A busy side street in the settlement of Dharavi

    Invisiblising cities: the obsession with national statistics and international comparisons

    David Satterthwaite discusses the vast gaps in city data, and explains why planning, governing and servicing cities calls for data that is broken down into city and sub-city level

    25 February 2020 | Blog | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • A large forest is reflected in the water in the foreground

    Guide to national-level SDG evaluation launches

    A new guide for evaluators and evaluation commissioners working on the Sustainable Development Goals will be launched in New York today (4 February). It offers a timely ‘real life’ introduction to assessing progress on the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs at national level.

    4 February 2020 | News | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Three men stand on a bridge over an open culvert

    Q&A: Monitoring climate change adaptation

    6 December 2019 | Article | Climate change
  • People planting seedlings in water

    Towards better assessment of adaptation results

    How can countries align their climate adaptation assessment mechanisms with other frameworks? Barry Smith highlights opportunities for achieving effective adaptation monitoring and evaluation

    31 October 2019 | Blog | Climate change
  • An irrigation canal

    South Africa’s national development monitoring and evaluation

    IIED has undertaken a series of 'light touch' case studies to show how some countries are developing adaptation M&E for learning systems. This study looks at South Africa

    30 October 2019 | Article | Climate change
  • A flooded street

    How the Philippines’ national M&E system integrates climate and development

    IIED has undertaken a series of 'light touch' case studies to show how some countries are developing adaptation M&E for learning systems. This study looks at the Philippines. 

    30 October 2019 | Article | Climate change
  • A reservoir in a desert landscape

    Subnational adaptation monitoring and evaluation in Morocco

    IIED has undertaken a series of 'light touch' case studies to show how some countries are developing adaptation M&E for learning systems. This study looks at Morocco.

    30 October 2019 | Article | Climate change
  • A beach that has been washed away

    Assessing climate adaptation in Mexico

    IIED has undertaken a series of 'light touch' case studies to show how some countries are developing adaptation M&E for learning systems. This study looks at Mexico. 

    30 October 2019 | Article | Climate change
  • A container ship looms imposingly against a brilliant skyline

    Monitoring and evaluation guidance for SDG14

    Despite the importance of marine resources to life on earth, Sustainable Development Goal 14 (Life Below Water) has struggled to gain attention and support on an international scale. This project provided guidance on how to develop and implement appropriate monitoring, evaluation and learning systems to support and accelerate progress towards achieving SDG14 and related goals.

    29 July 2019 | Project | Fisheries
  • Schoolgirls and a teacher in a classroom

    Pathways to learning – finding new ways to evaluate SDG progress

    The United Nations High Level Political Forum is a great opportunity to take stock of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With this year’s forum under way in New York, Stefano D’Errico discusses how countries can use the agenda principles as a framework to evaluate their trajectory towards sustainable development

    15 July 2019 | Article | Governance
  • Two fishermen cast their nets from a small boat

    New guide to monitoring progress on SDG14

    IIED has published a practical handbook on how to assess progress on Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below Water. By encouraging better monitoring and evaluation of SDG14, the new handbook aims to support better reporting and learning across the 2030 Agenda

    8 July 2019 | News | Fisheries
  • This graphic shows how securing well-being in the face of climate change involves reducing vulnerability, increasing resilience and increasing adaptive capacity

    Supporting national monitoring and evaluation systems to enable adaptation assessment and reporting

    IIED is working on a programme to improve and share understanding about  monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for climate change adaptation planning and reporting. 

    24 September 2018 | Project | Climate change
  • A graphic which highlights the enefits of investing in national M&E systems for climate change

    Webinar: Benefits of investing in national monitoring and evaluation systems

    Join our webinar on 2 Oct 2018 to discuss how developing countries can benefit from investing in national M&E systems for climate change adaptation - and go beyond narrow project or indicator-based monitoring systems.

    29 August 2018 | News | Climate change
  • What do we want to measure?

    Webinar: What does successful adaptation look like, and what do we want to measure in the context of adaptation, national development and SDGs?

    IIED organised a webinar on 28 June 2018 to discuss how developing country governments can assess adaptation actions to inform national planning and international reporting. 

    3 July 2018 | News | Climate change
  • September 2015: on the eve of the United Nations summit to agree the 2030 Agenda, a film introducing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is projected onto the UN headquarters building (Photo: UN Photo/Cia Pak)

    Effective evaluation for the Sustainable Development Goals

    Evaluation processes will play a key role in national and global review systems for the Sustainable Development Goals.IIED and EVALSDGs are publishing a series of briefings about evaluation designed to help promote effective conduct and use of evaluation in SDGs implementation, follow-up and review.

    21 October 2017 | Project | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Artisanal and small-scale miners at work at Geita gold mine, in Tanzania. Miners were interviewed about their experiences and thoughts about what needs to change (Photo: Brian Sokol/Panos Pictures)

    Campaigns: activities framed by a strategy to support project aims

    We developed a communications strategy that was designed to let the voices of artisanal and small-scale miners be heard in discussions about inclusive and sustainable mining

    23 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • The participants of the 2015 Communications Learning Week (Photo: IIED)

    Knowledge exchange: collaborative learning about communications

    Communications Learning Week: communications specialists come together to discuss how best to achieve impact

    22 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • A still from IIED's animation about the SDGs (Image: Hands Up/IIED)

    Animations: explaining the SDGs in three minutes

    The wide-reaching agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals was brought to life in an animation commissioned by IIED

    21 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • Delegates at the 10th international conference on community-based adaptation (Photo: ICCCAD, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Events: international community-based adaptation conference showcases knowledge exchange

    International conferences on community-based adaptation (CBA) enable practitioners, governments and donors to share latest developments and best practice

    21 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • We undertook a survey to discover how our audience used our publications (Image: IIED)

    Surveys: getting feedback about our publications

    Respondents to our survey helped us to get beyond the numbers and develop our plans for IIED's online library

    15 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • This still image from a joint UNICEF/EVALSDGs webinar shows the webinar presenter, his presentation, some of the participants, and questions being submitted (Image: UNICEF Evaluation Office)

    Webinars: bringing people together online

    IIED's online seminars about land rights bring together experts from around the world to share knowledge and exchange ideas

    14 August 2017 | Article | Communication
  • More than 70 people joined the webinar about evaluation and voluntary national reviews. You can watch a recording of the webinar at the bottom of this page (Image: IIED)

    Evaluations, reviews and assessments are key to embedding the SDGs

    How can we embed the Sustainable Development Goals into development processes to reach the tipping point that we desperately need for dealing with the big challenges of our time? This blog by Stefano D'Errico follows up a joint UNICEF/EVALSDGs webinar in New York

    19 July 2017 | Blog | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Southwest Uganda (Photo: Mariel Harrison)Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in southwest Uganda (Photo: Mariel Harrison)

    Taking a more rigorous approach to evaluation

    Evaluation researcher Barbara Befani explains how a different methodological approach helped IIED evaluate whether the Uganda Poverty and Conservation Learning Group had influenced policy

    18 May 2017 | Article | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Illustration of  IIED's theory of change

    How we monitor and evaluate our work

    IIED’s emphasis on effective monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) reflects our determination to make change happen. We are committed to continual learning – from our work, each other, our partners and beyond

    24 April 2017 | Page | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • An IIED workshop in September 2016 that focused on conceptualising 'better evidence' (Photo: Celie Manuel/IIED)

    Generating better evidence for sustainable development research and evaluation

    IIED is developing a body of work that seeks to understand how to develop better evidence for sustainable development research and evaluation

    24 March 2017 | Project | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Community-led mapping in the informal settlement of Mathare in Nairobi, Kenya, helps to record and reflect local people's needs and priorities (Photo: Sohel Ahmed)

    Q&A: Why do we need a philosophy for better evidence?

    Stefano D'Errico talks about how better evidence can help decision makers make better policy, and help realise the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals

    14 March 2017 | Article | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Diagram showing change at different scales (Image: Stefano D'Errico/IIED)

    Monitoring, evaluation and learning capacity development

    IIED values monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) as an important tool for research and influence to foster sustainable development. We work with NGOs, communities, and local and national authorities to enhance their institutional MEL capacities

    1 March 2017 | Project | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • A word cloud with words relevant to monitoring, evaluation and learning (Image: IIED)

    Monitoring and evaluation, and impact evaluation methods

    IIED's work in monitoring, evaluation and learning aims to provide the right type of information at the right time to the right people. Our goal is to learn about what works for whom, under what circumstances, how and why

    1 March 2017 | Article | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • IIED's 2017 strategy update

    Our strategy: 2014-2019

    IIED's 2014-2019 strategy aimed to contribute to the achievement of change that benefits poor people and the environment: generating evidence through research, building partnerships to influence policy and practice, and ensuring people living in poverty have a voice at every level. This strategy was published in 2014, and updated in 2017

    16 October 2015 | Page |
  • Ruth Nguli looks at her crop of drought-tolerant beans in Makueni County, Kenya. Developing and sharing climate-smart farming techniques can help communities adapt to climate changes (Photo: Cecilia Schubert/CCAFS, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    How do we measure adaptation?

    How do we effectively measure and enhance adaptation? Saleemul Huq looks at possible answers which will be discussed at the 9th International Conference on Community Based Adaptation (CBA9)

    11 March 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • A CCAFS and CIAT participatory photography project in Chiquimula, Guatemala.  A framework on how to monitor and evaluate social learning approaches is now available. (Photo: Gian Betancourt/CIAT, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Paper outlines framework to monitor and evaluate social learning approaches

    A framework on how to monitor and evaluate social learning approaches while identifying in which contexts social learning works best, and where it is not useful, is now available

    13 February 2015 | Blog | Communication
  • A girl in Pakistan collects rainwater for washing (Photo: Fawad Khan)

    Recognising the concerns of women and girls can improve the effectiveness of climate change adaptation

    Including the perspectives and experiences of women and girls in monitoring and evaluation can lead to better outcomes for climate change adaptation measures, IIED research has found

    14 January 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • Senbetge, in Ethiopia's Amhara region is prone to droughts and flooding. Credit: EC DG ECHO (Creative Commons Licence)

    Six nations to share progress on measuring adaptation to climate change

    The governments of six countries will share their experiences of assessing the effectiveness and developmental impacts of climate change adaptation, at an international meeting in Kenya on 24-27 March.

    19 March 2014 | News | Climate change
  • A sign near Kathmandu, Nepal, warns of the dangers of landslides (Photo: Doug Letterman, via Creative Commons

    Nepal: Measuring resilience to climate change from the community up

    Effective monitoring and evaluation of changes in community resilience that arise from both development and climate change resilience, can help Nepal can make smart moves to protect its people, says Susannah Fisher.

    7 February 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • This culvert, constructed to allow villagers to cross the River Mahenya, Kenya, proves insufficient at times of extreme rainfall. Kenya is one of the pilot countries for TAMD which aims to improve the way climate adaptation is assessed (Photo: Robin Wyatt)

    Measuring the impact of climate adaptation on development

    A comprehensive framework is broadening the way decision makers measure the impact of climate adaptation on development

    20 January 2014 | Article | Climate change
  • Boat surrounded by vegetation growing in the water near the river port of Vallemi.

    Will Payments for Watershed Services fuel the protection of ecosystem services?

    It’s easier to prevent pollution harnessing the forces of nature than to clean up the mess with costly technology. Is there a solution at hand?

    21 June 2013 | Blog | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Taking the long view on adaptation

    The impacts of climate change do not happen overnight but play out over decades. Funders looking to support people to adapt to those impacts must take the long view and accept that their investments may not provide measurable outcomes for ten years or more.

    12 December 2011 | Blog | Climate change
  • REDD+ in Mozambique: new opportunity for land grabbers?

    Land is cheap and is perceived to be abundant in Africa. A scramble for its land, following the food and fuel crisis three years ago, is on. European and North American companies have been acquiring land to grow export and biofuel crops and to supply their need for pulp and paper. Now they’re being joined by newly emerging economies – in particular Brazil, India and China – which are also increasingly acquiring large tracts of land and searching for other natural resources, in particular water and minerals.

    15 September 2011 | Blog | Forests
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