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National climate change policies

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    Supporting the LDC Initiative for Effective Adaptation and Resilience (LIFE-AR)

    The LDC Initiative for Effective Adaptation and Resilience (LIFE-AR) aims to support a shift away from 'business-as-usual' approaches to a more effective and ambitious climate response. LIFE-AR is a least developed countries (LDC) led initiative, which serves as one of the primary vehicles for delivering the LDC 2050 Vision for a climate-resilient future.

    13 November 2018 | Project | Climate change
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    Developing Myanmar’s national climate change policy

    IIED supported the Myanmar government in developing an overarching national climate change policy to integrate climate change into national priorities and planning, and provide a long-term vision for the country's sustainable development

    5 April 2018 | Project | Climate change
  • This diagram illustrates how ambition for the Paris Agreement must be racheted up (Image: Clare Shakya/IIED)

    Helping parliamentarians drive national climate change policy

    Members of parliament can help break the international stalemate on climate change action by ‘domesticating’ global decisions, using national legislation. But to do that they often need long-term capacity-building programmes to catalyse the process: programmes that have support within the government and across parliaments

    18 December 2012 | Project | Climate change
  • People visiting a village with solar panels

    Helping parliaments across the Southern African Customs Union region address climate change

    Parliamentarians can play a key role in building climate resilience by bringing constituents' concerns into national forums, scrutinising how governments are responding to domestic and global climate change issues, and ensuring policy continuity

    17 December 2012 | Project | Climate change
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