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  • Lagos in 2010. Under different scenarios, Lagos could have 61 million inhabitants in 2100, or over 100 million (Image: Ricardo Gomes, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Will Africa have the world's largest cities in 2100?

    A new report suggests that most of the world's largest cities in 2100 will be in Africa – including many with over 40 million inhabitants. This blog suggests growth in numbers will hinge more on the extent of economic development

    7 October 2016 | Blog | Urban
  • Lillies spread over a pond; cities must be governed and managed well to ensure population growth is sustainable (Photo: hqworld)

    Cities on the twenty-ninth day

    Population predictions for the world's largest cities in the 21st century (part 1): rapid urbanisation, if managed sustainably, could ease the pressure of exponential growth set for urban areas

    3 October 2016 | Blog | Urban
  • An interactive data visual that illustrates the scale and speed of urban transformation that research by IIED has sought to document and describe

    Cities: an interactive data visual

    This interactive data visual – now updated to cover all cities with 500,000-plus inhabitants – illustrates the scale and speed of urban transformation that research by IIED has sought to document and describe

    23 June 2014 | Feature | Urban
  • Many inhabitants of the city of La Paz in Bolivia live in extreme poverty. A persistent myth is that urban poverty is driven by large numbers of poor migrants (Photo: Lemurian Grove, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Debunking the myths about migration and climate change

    After years of alarmist predictions of hundreds of millions of climate refugees fleeing their homes, there is now a broad-based consensus that while the impacts of climate change will increase the number of migrants, it is not the only factor that drives people to move

    16 November 2011 | Blog | Climate change
  • 'Population Dynamics and Climate Change' book

    A book has been published on 'Population Dynamics and Climate Change' to enhance understanding of how the size, structure and dynamics of human populations influence, and are influenced by, our changing climate

    1 June 2010 | Article | Climate change
  • Let's get compact

    The future sprawls before us — urban sprawl, that is. John Vidal of the UK Guardian says that in 50 years, we could see ‘vast “mega-regions” which may stretch hundreds of miles across countries and be home to more than 100 million people’.In fact, they’re here already: the gargantuan Hong Kong-Shenhzen-Ghaungzhou conurbation, to take just one example, houses more than 120 million people.Whether in-migration to these regions is a trickle or a flood (and the downturn has apparently had a mixed effect on migration to cities), the urban pull remains powerful, as the poor chase jobs and escape degraded rural environments or conflict.

    26 March 2010 | Blog | Urban
  • Expert Group Meeting on Population Dynamics and Climate Change

    London. June 09 Papers from this meeting are now available as downloadable pdfs.

    13 May 2009 | Article | Urban
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