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  • Woman digging a hole in the forest

    Reimagining solutions to India’s water challenge: the art of governance

    Clare Shakya and Ritu Bharadwaj explain why India’s water security crisis demands a disruptive, locally led new approach to governance, and offers eight principles that could help shape one

    20 January 2021 | Blog | Governance
  • Shoal of fish.

    The ecosystem approach: a holistic perspective to marine biodiversity conservation

    A new briefing by IIED and the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea explores the implementation of the ‘ecosystem approach’ in the international legally-binding treaty to protect marine biodiversity

    28 August 2020 | News | Fisheries
  • A community discusses water and energy challenges in Alango, Kenya (Photo: Ibrahim Jarso, Resource Advocacy Program)

    Participatory investment planning for environment, water and energy in the dryland of northern Kenya

    Water availability is variable and unpredictable in the drylands, where energy options and ecosystem processes differ from those in more humid environments. These environmental characteristics can have a positive or negative effect on human activities and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    25 August 2016 | Project | Climate change
  • Woman collects water for irrigation in Selingue, Mali. Photo: Khanh Tran-Thanh

    Ensuring water is equitably allocated and governed

    We can only survive without drinking water for a few days – it’s crucial for our survival. Water is also crucial for supporting people’s ways of life, from raising livestock, to managing fisheries and irrigating crops. In many parts of semi-arid West Africa water is in short supply and the pressures on existing water resources are set to increase. IIED aims to help bring about fairer and more sustainable water governance that ensures poor and vulnerable communities don’t miss out

    5 August 2013 | Project | Water
  • Water ecosystem services and poverty reduction under climate change

    IIED led a project to scope a research programme on freshwater ecosystem services and poverty reduction in the context of climate change and other drivers of change

    1 October 2008 | Project | Natural resource management
  • PLA 35: Community Water Management

    1 June 1999 | Article | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
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