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  • Women working the land

    Study shows how training is shaping women’s awareness of their land rights

    A recent study of two Senegalese villages showed how training women on land access is helping them claim their land rights. But disparities in results between locations and the use of customary practices as the preferred way of accessing land highlighted that CSOs’ strategies and approaches need to reflect local realities, and ensure women from different groups and geographies also benefit

    27 May 2021 | Blog | Gender
  • People sitting around a meeting table

    What role do local governance frameworks play in strengthening women’s voices in land governance?

    Across East and West Africa, IIED and partners have been developing and testing approaches to strengthen women’s voices in local land governance. Philippine Sutz reflects on the role and impact of local governance frameworks as these approaches are implemented in different contexts

    8 March 2021 | Blog | Gender
  • Women gathering. Institutional banner in the background.

    Ensuring women’s participation in land governance: “bringing the law home” in Tanzania

    Despite Tanzania’s progressive legal framework on land rights and governance, many women are often left out of community decision-making due to social and cultural norms that persist in some areas of the country. Isabella Nchimbi discusses a participatory initiative in Tanzania that’s helping women make their voices heard when it comes to land governance

    20 January 2021 | Blog | Gender
  • A group of women writing notes on a poster.

    Can promotion groups help strengthen women’s access and control over land?

    In Senegal, women’s ‘promotion groups’ have traditionally been vehicles for helping women share resources, ideas and experiences to increase income. But they are also – somewhat expectedly – enabling women to access and control land, although with limitations. Guest blogger Ibrahima Dia discusses

    24 November 2020 | Blog | Gender
  • Women using hoes in a crop field in Kilosa, Tanzania.

    Blog series probes principles: what works for women’s land rights?

    A new blog series featuring voices from East and West Africa will take a closer look at a set of principles we think strengthens women’s land rights. Here, IIED’s Philippine Sutz tells us what to expect

    15 October 2020 | Blog | Gender
  • Woman tilling soil with a hoe.

    Bringing attention to what works for women’s land rights

    Coinciding with the International Day of Rural Women on 15 October, IIED launches a new series of blogs exploring core principles that can help to strengthen women’s land rights in the global South

    15 October 2020 | News | Gender
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